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The Barking/Braying/Meowing/Crowing Manhole Cover in Bremen

Since the Expat Meetup in Bremen we know the number one tourist attraction, so when Christopher and I were in town for business at the US Consulate, we made sure to stop by.

Unfortunately we weren't able to renew Christopher's passport as planned. The US State Department has tightened the rules on parental consent, and both parents must sign the application in person. A notarized consent form is no longer accepted unless it is physically impossible for the parent to appear. "In prison" was the example we were given. "Being a busy businesswoman" doesn't cut it. Luckily Christopher has a understanding if busy mother, so Christopher's application will have the missing signature within a few days.

The information on is somewhat confusing on this point, but now that I've given my constructive feedback, I'm sure they'll get the details fixed soon. :-)

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