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Breakfast Awards

To push the launch of the new breakfast, our McDonald's North German region held a contest over the past 2 months for all 225 restaurants in northern Germany. Cash awards were given in three categories

* Top 10 stores with the best breakfast sales increase
* Top 3 stores with the best breakfast marketing (as determined by an independent jury)
* Top 10 stores with the best McCafé sales increase (just to keep everyone on their toes)

Our restaurant in Dibbersen was able to present itself quite well. Out of the 225 restaurants...

* we placed 3rd in breakfast sales increase with 47.9%
* we placed 2nd in the marketing contest
* we placed in the top 20% (but not in the top 10) in McCafé sales increase
* we were the only restaurant to place in the money in more than one contest and are therefore number one in cash and prizes (just like we won the jackpot at Wheel of Fortune... thank you, Vanna!)

The prize money will of course be paid out in full as bonus to our management and crew. We'll pay all payroll taxes, they'll receive the prize money as net pay... not that we are complaining. We thank them all and we are very proud of what they have accomplished.

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