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Male and Pale

I love reading bloggers like Tim Bray who can make connections between seemingly disconnected fields, in his case tech and politics. Here's how he experienced the inauguration in a hotel lobby in San Jose, where the entire room broke in to applause (it's a short entry, I'm quoting it nearly entirely):

... in Silicon Valley, the entrepreneurs and engineers, while mostly men, are a mixed bag ethnically, and their language is English. But the people who work the reception desks and wash the floors and bring the coffee and provide security, their skins are all black and brown (no whites); they have heavy accents and talk lots of different languages, some I can’t even identify, to each other. It’s been that way long as I can remember. This apparently-fixed class/race background is one of the things that bothers me about the Valley.

I think the applause was maybe a little louder from the (standing) hotel employees than the (sitting) business breakfasters.

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