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Politically Active

photo-6In a moment of weakness after a week of working middle-shifts, Frauke agreed to take Christopher for an outing this past weekend... only after promising the trip did she see where he wanted to go: to a demonstration in Hannover against policy of the current education ministry. That's a cause we can agree with, but taking up an entire Saturday with a bus trip to Hannover? And, yes, Christopher insisted on taking the bus.

photo-4I was not in on the promise, having taken the time to read the fine print. I did however bring to two of them to the bus pick-up point at 9:30 Saturday morning. We managed to get Christopher to compromise on taking the bus there, but to take the train back.

And they had a good crowd. 10000 demonstrators (mostly teachers and students) protested plans to impose a shortened Abitur in the "Gesamtschule" (combined schools, like we hope to have built in Jesteburg) and the general lack of funding for education.

photo-5Frauke and Christopher skipped out after two hours, eating lunch at McDonald's amd taking the ICE back home. They were back by 4 pm, giving Christopher plenty of time to mow the lawn before dark and letting Frauke relax a little bit on her day off and enjoy an outdoor cook-out by yours truly.

The following day was Mother's Day, and Frauke celebrated by doing something she loves... planting flowers, in this case at her restaurant at Hamburg Winsener Strasse.

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