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Rustic furniture

Seeing Diane's report of moving her "super-sized, American-made furniture" from Mannheim to Barcelona reminded me that today was a minor expat milestone for us. Today we got rid of the last remaining bits of American furniture we had brought with us back in 1990. It was a bulky oak dining room set that Germans would politely describe as "rustic". We had tried selling it a few years ago, but found no takers. It's been in the basement since then, and as part of our long-term 2009 basement project it landed on the pile of "Sperrmüll" that was to be picked up today.

(As an aside, how would one refer to "Sperrmüll" pickup in English? My father would call it the "dray service", but that's a quaint 19th century term that's a bit of an inside joke in our family. "Junk pickup" à la Sanford & Son maybe?)

However, the furniture will not end up at the dump. The table was picked up a couple weeks ago by a flea-market collector whom we had called to take a look at our stuff. And the 4 chairs disappeared from the pile on the street yesterday, one day before today's pickup. Sperrmüll moves in mysterious ways.

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