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Hybrid Fryer

Just to show that we not only make sexy investments with French models (not to be confused with promotions with German top models), this morning at our restaurant in Dibbersen we installed the new low-oil-volume (LOV) fryer that we've been planning for over a year, replacing a double vat with a new triple vat.

Hybrid Fryer

Astute readers will note that this is not the Frymaster model we were considering last year, but is instead manufactured by Henny Penny. The principle is however the same. The low-oil-volume vat holds just half the volume of a traditional fryer, so we only have to heat half as much oil. To maintain the quality of the oil, the fryer automatically filters the vat after 12 cooking cycles (normally a vat is filtered once daily), and tops itself off when the vat starts to run low.

Think of the fryer as just like a hybrid car... the tank is smaller and we have to fill it less often, so we save energy and money. We're looking for both good performance and good gas (er, I mean oil) mileage.

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