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Pesky Parliament

I'm often annoyed by the politics at Rainy Day, by an Irish expat in Munich, but he produces enough gems for me to keep him in my feed reader. For instance, today on the 42% turnout for this year's European elections:

The idea that holding direct elections to the European Parliament would somehow create a common European identity has been exposed as nonsense. The good people of Estonia don't know or care about the factors that determined the voting of their fellow EU citizens in Austria, Slovenia, Malta and Luxembourg. And vice versa. There is no European election is the sense that the press keeps on about. The separate national elections within Europe are sold by a compliant media as being somehow pan-European.

Direct elections were meant to create the notion of democracy within the European Union, but real power in Brussels remains with institutions that are not accountable to anybody.

I would say that the institutions are in the end accountable to the heads of state of the member countries, i.e. Merkel, Sarkozy and Co., who are much happier with the present arrangement of back-room control than they would be with a pesky democratic parliament.

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