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Nine Azubis

Two years ago on the first of July we officially began our business adventure. However, it's more appropriate to look back on our two years of business experience a month later, the first workday in August. Today is the beginning of the new trade school term, and today four new Azubis are beginning their education and their career with us, joining the five Azubis we already have for a total of nine.

Azubi spelled out in full is Auszubildender, and translates roughly as apprentice or trainee. They are trade school students who have finished at least the 10th grade, and work with us half-time while learning the official trade Fachmann/Fachfrau für Systemgastronomie (Professional for Quick Service Restaurants). It's a 2-1/2 year program that encompasses all business aspects of the restaurant. Upon completion the Azubi is a fully-qualified Shift Leader and is on-track to advance into restaurant management.

We started with 1 Azubi in 2007 when we started our business in Dibbersen (she is now a Shift Leader for us). We hired 2 new Azubis in 2008. Through acquiring the two restaurants in Harburg, we hired 3 more. And today 4 new Azubis are starting with us. We are hoping for a fifth, and if successful we can have a round number of 10 Azubis for our third year in business.

They may not all succeed. Azubis are young people with little or no work experience, and they may find that night and weekend shifts and sometimes hectic work days are not what they expected for their career. Those who do succeed, though, are the future of our business. The young people we train now will be running our restaurants in a few years.

The beginning of our third trade school year is the perfect day to celebrate our third year in business, and the growth of our Azubi team from one to nine (maybe ten) in two years is the perfect sign of our growth and expectations for the future.

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