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I Gotta Feeling

... that tonight's going to be a good night.

I flew to Munich last weekend for the 5th (my 2nd) annual Whiney Expat Meetup, and it was indeed 2 good good nights, and the days were good as well. It was just the right mix of organization and spontaneity, and having all gotten acquainted online, we could skip the introductions and get right to the good part.

Munich is a nice city to visit, a good backdrop for fun and conversation for about 20 assorted expats and tag-along Germans. I didn't see anything I hadn't seen before, execpt for the Villa Stuck (the interior reminded me of the Kunststätte Bossard near us) and the Eisbach surfers.

Most of my fellow expats prefer to remain anonymous (I have enough trouble keeping up with real names, so matching up fake names and blog names is a bit too much), so I'll just point to the public Flickr groups WEBUM and WEBUM2009 and the online accounts at zurika, amiexpat, noapathyallowed, regensblog, snooker and elmada (three times even), not to mention several others whom I've missed or who haven't yet chosen to share.

We have developed a long and drawn-out process (hosted here) of choosing a date and place for the meetup somewhat similar to choosing a US presidential candidate, but early polls indicate 2010 will probably be in the early fall again in a somewhat northern city, say Berlin or Hamburg

And then we'll do it again.

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