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Inner Peace

After 8 years, I think I've found peace. Inner peace, anyway. Outer peace is so hard to find these days. Just ask anyone in Afghanistan.

But what has changed in that time? Not much. The Marienstrasse is still in Hamburg, the Al-Quds mosque too. We've sent soldiers abroad, more soldiers in Iraq have fallen than those who fell that day into thin air.

This summer as we were in New York, we took the subway to Ground Zero, to catch a glimpse of hallowed ground. It was a tourist spot, with hawkers and food stands, but inside the fences, even on Saturday, the site was alive with construction work. That comforted me somehow, and we moved on.

But what has changed? Nothing but the passage of time. Time closes all wounds, but are do the wounds really heal? All wounds leave a scar. I wish I could forget that day, but time moves on and the scars remain.

And so it goes.

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