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Marketing Non-Secrets

Last week we were at the annual fall franchisee meeting in Tenerife, where we had to endure sunny skies and 30°C while those at home had a week of clouds and rain. We don't choose where to go for these meetings, we just go where McDonald's tells us to go.

One highlight of these meetings is the marketing presentation, where the marketing department tells us how they intend to spend our money for the following year. Coming from marketing people, the presentation is of course very well done. This year, however, the content was also impressive. There were a number of simple, clear points where our immediate reaction was to nod and say yes, that's a good idea.

I'm not talking about specific campaigns here. As to whether we will be doing a Monopoly game, a World Cup promotion in June, or a Coke Glass giveaway next summer, you can probably guess the answers yourself. And for you Web 2.0 aficionados, I must disappoint you. There was no mention of social media at all.

I know some of my readers have a professional interest in marketing, so without giving away any secrets, I can mention the points that impressed us as they are implemented and made public. (To jog my memory in the coming months, my list of points is H, FP, SC, S, V, PP, S4, and TC.)

Point H is "Happy" (or "Mr. Happy"), the new European Happy Meal campaign featuring animated Happy Meal boxes that started here in September. As adults, the spots make no sense to us at all, but Christopher rolls over laughing every time he sees one, so they must work. They are certainly colorful and loud.



Through a bit of Googling, I found out at Lineboil that the campaign was developed by TBWA\FRANCE, and the spots are directed by by Laurent Nicolas at Passion Pictures Paris. Spot checking websites for the major McDonald's countries in Europe, I found versions of Happy in France, Spain, Italy, Russia and Poland.


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