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Marketing Non-Secrets 2

Following up on my marketing post from yesterday, I can cover the next two points rather quickly, since they are both in the current TV campaign for "Los Wochos". You only need to watch one spot, and only pay attention to the last 5 seconds to get both points. In fact, the first point requires only a screenshot.

Point FP is "Food Photography". The past year or so our spots have featured "exploding food", with action shots of the inside of a sandwich, fries flying into the package, and drinks slopping over the cup. The new trend, currently mentioned in the food photography entry at Wikipedia, is a natural look. Instead of a perfect glossed burger, the photo is more realistic, an unevenly focussed close-up from above of an unperfectly dressed burger with crumbs and lettuce lying about. Frauke and I call it the "crooked burger" look, and it's already in the current TV spot, and more photos in this style may be coming to in-store POP this winter.


Point SC is "Secondary Claim". The primary claim for McDonald's is of course "I'm lovin' it!", or in German, "Ich liebe es!" Last year we heard Global CMO Mary Dillon explain that the unspoken promise made by the McDonald's brand is "simple easy enjoyment".


The current spot ends by vocalizing this promise: "Einfach geniessen" (or "simply enjoy"), and the phrase occurs in the radio spots as well. We were told to expect to hear (and see) more of "Einfach geniessen" as a unifying theme for the brand.

That's all the points I can reveal for now... number 4 will have to wait until next month.

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