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What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

A tweet yesterday from Dave Winer reminded me that online blogging service opened to the public on that date in 1999, 10 years ago, thanks to Dave and his company at the time, Userland Software.

Which means that today, a day later (due to the time difference between California and Germany), is 10 years old.

A number of other blogs got started with as well. A few of the names from the Most Visited Sites from August 2000 are still around. I have an etp-vets folder at Google Reader to keep up with them after all this time. I've had the joy of meeting a few of these writers in person.

To celebrate, I'm cleaning up the archive from that first month, December 1999. It was a very important month for us, preparing for Christmas and new arrivals. Our Christmas got cut short (posted while we were running out the door!), and our lives were changed forever. (These days short posts like that would probably be twittered. Will our tweets still be available 10 years from now?)

Don't expect too much from the old articles... the site is long gone, so most of the links are dead. The macros (items in quote marks automatically replaced by images and such) don't work except where I've replaced them by hand. Here's my favorite macro from back then: "curly". Click on him and he talks!


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Thanks, Dave!

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