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Merry Christmas from Frauke, Scott and Christopher!

As usual I arranged for our Christmas cards for the US to be printed and mailed by cardstore, saving time and postage. The typewriter picture from last February is our favorite this year. Here's the printed message from inside... nothing new for our regular readers. :-)

We've now been in business 2-1/2 years, and having expanded from 1 restaurant to 3 this year on January 1, we've had plenty to do the past year. We have 130 employees, including 13 trainees starting a career with us through trade school or college programs. The business is still fun, exciting and satisfying. We were able take a few days off, spending 10 days in Minnesota in July and tacking on days off with Christopher after meetings in Munich and the Canary Islands (Spain). We're spending the holidays at home, inviting the Petersen family for roasted goose on the 27th. Christopher turns 10 this month and is in the 4th grade, his last year of German elementary school. His passion is LEGO and all things related to science. He also goes inline skating and has just joined the local youth volunteer fire department. When he's in the mood, he helps out in the restaurants as cashier back-up or drive-thru runner. In the house we're currently renoving the basment into a proper office and guest room. No travel plans yet for 2010, other than a meeting in Orlando in April. We might actually properly celebrate our belated silver wedding anniversary this summer. This summer also marks the 20th year that we've been in Germany. Hard to believe in 1990 we wanted to stay 3, maybe 5 years. Now we have a franchise contract until at least 2028, unless Christopher decides to buy us out sooner!

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