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If even my mother says that my blog hasn't been updated for a while, it must be time to write something. Here are the headlines from the past couple of weeks.

* My birthday (48) came and went. Another year older and deeper in debt.

* We've had snow and ice in the Hamburg area for 7 weeks straight now, the longest anyone can remember. Even the newspapers are sick of it. The road departments have long run out of salt and sand, so the streets and sidewalks are horrible. We hear temperatures might get back above freezing at the end of the week.
* The cold weather means our restaurant sales are way below plan. We figure the snow has cost us 40K€ in sales and counting, especially in Dibbersen which is only reachable by car. Our lobby furnace has needed constant attention, and just today the water pipes leading to the McCafé froze solid.

* Christopher's midterm grades were good (solid Bs, or since they use numbers here, solid 2s). Since elementary school ends after the 4th grade in our state, we have to choose a secondary school for next year. He was recommended for the Gymnasium, the academic track. There is no secondary school in Jesteburg, so we have several nearby schools to choose from.

So, spring can start any time now!

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