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Certified Family-Friendly Employer

FaMi-Siegel.pngWe're very happy and proud that our restaurant in Dibbersen is a charter recipient of the FaMi Seal, recognition of a family-friendly employer. We've already placed the seal prominently on our restaurant website.

The FaMi Seal is a new initiative in northeastern Lower Saxony by the DGB (German Federation of Trade Unions), the regional Handelskammer (Chambers of Commerce) and Arbeitgeberverband (employers' federation), the local Federaton of Women and Business, and the Leuphana University Lüneburg. In other words, the regional establishment for business, labor and education. The process involved the submission of an 8 page application documenting our efforts and an 1/2-day visit from the jury to show that we practice what we preach.

What do we practice? As a nearly 24/7 business, we can coordinate the work schedules of our employees with their families. Employees with children are given priority in vacation planning. We have encouraged and enabled employees with children to move into management positions. We are willing to find individual solutions for problems that may arise. As proof that the process works, we have 4 couples (including our senior manager and his wife) working for us who are all able to coordinate their work schedules with one another and their families (which makes work schedules during school vacations interesting, but it can be done). Since January we have an office manager (who I supervise) who sets her own schedule around school and family.

For us, although the public recognition is nice, this is all part of being (and not just talking about being) a good employer. It also gives us a competitive advantage in the job market, which is becoming tighter all the time as the German population ages. We see the seal not just as a reward, but as a commitment to become even better in the future. Our business will depend on it!

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