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Like many others, we to have a story of being disrupted by the closure of European airspace due to volcanic ash. Our story is however pretty boring.

"We were going to fly to Orlando for a week on business, but we couldn't fly so we stayed home instead."

So instead of attending the McDonald's Worldwide Convention (which occurs every two years, and will probably be in Orlando again), we have an unplanned free week. No plans, no meetings, no mail. Christopher is thrilled by the turn of events. He was supposed to stay with relatives this week, and can stay be home with us.

The Sunday paper described the feeling of not flying as Entschleunigung (or deceleration), so we've adopted that as our key word for this week. We going to relax, not make plans, do some stuff around the house, but in all try not to accomplish anything.

For the record, we didn't get off to a good start with Entschleunigung. We got too much done today.

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