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Back to the Roots

Christopher and I are spending the Ascension holiday weekend alone. Frauke and her brothers have taken their mother on a short trip to her mother's birthplace, organized for her 80th birthday. I wrote a bit about her for 75th birthday.

She was born in a village in what at the time as Mark Brandenburg, and now is western Poland. She was a miller's daughter, and the house and the mill pond still exist. I mentioned her last visit 10 years ago, but this time she can show the place her children. They've been invited by the present residents for coffee this afternoon.

This is an occasion for immediate family, so Christopher and I stayed behind. I'm sure we'll have a chance to see the place for ourselves sometime in the future. We're keeping ourselves well occupied... yesterday we saw the King Tut exhibit in Hamburg and experienced Avatar in 3D, and have further adventures planned for today.

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