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Starting Over

Five years ago I wrote this:

It was 25 years ago Wednesday Thursday that John Lennon was killed. Has it really been that long? It's an event (like the Challenger explosion) that I remember vividly and that changed how I felt about myself and the world. I had just started college, I was working at the student radio station at the U of M. Ihad the Sunday morning shift, so I was on the air for the world wide minute of radio silence 6 days after his death. (via

Good thing my blog has a search function, otherwise I might have written pretty much the same thing today, except now it's been 30 years. And now I can link to the broadcast where I first heard the news, from Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football, Miami vs New England, December 8, 1980. "It's just a football game."

BTW: NDRinfo is broadcasting a John-Lennon-Nacht tonight at midnight.

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