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Christmas Card

As usual, I prepared our Christmas greetings for our friends and relatives in the US at CardStore, which lets us upload pictures and prepare a text and saves us the trouble of filling out envelopes and paying international postage. Also as usual, PapaScott readers get the inside scoop first...

crh, Dez. 2010

2010 is ending for us the same way it began... with snow! With airports closed, trains running late, and highways clogged throughout Europe, we're happy to be staying put for the holidays this year.

We ended up staying put in April as well (thanks to Icelandic volcanic ash) when we planned to fly to Florida for the McDonald's International Convention. Next one is in 2012. We were able to make it to Minnesota in July to see Grandma and Grandpa, with side trips to Arizona and San Francisco. Our fall meeting was in Greece, but we had no time for sightseeing.

In August we finally celebrated our 25th anniversary (2 years late) with a catered barbecue. We were happy to have Grandma and my cousin here for the festivities.

Our son turns 11 this month and is in the 5th grade. In Germany that means he has graduated to Gymnasium (middle school). To take advantage of smaller classes and more individual attention, he's at a private school that's a 45 minute bus ride away. This fall he's already read the entire Harry Potter series in German and is now half-way through in English. He's also developing an interest in music that we'll have to make sure we nurture.

Our three restaurants are doing fine (at least when it doesn't snow) and keep us both busy. If things go as planned we'll open a new restaurant on the Autobahn this summer.

Our present to ourselves this year was a modern wood stove for our living room. It has glass on 3 sides so we can always see the flames (if we keep the glass clean). Luckily we ordered a cord of firewood before the snow started, so we're ready for a cold winter!

Wood Stove

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