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Last Tuesday we accepted delivery for the Volkswagen Sharan that we ordered 6 months ago (with a lot of extras but without the automatic doors like in the cute commercial). It will be my company car for the next three years. Our family isn't really big enough for a mini-van, but there are times we need the space, either for business or for pleasure. I'd love to show it to you, but right now all I have is this fuzzy smartphone photo...


...because the day after we picked up the car, with 325 km on the odometer, it had to be towed from the Autobahn to the shop!

I was on my way to Lüneburg to pick up our son from school for an appointment, enjoying the music from the very loud speakers, when at 180 km/h the (manual) transmission suddenly popped out of gear and wouldn't go back in. All I could do was coast to the side of the road and call for help, and arrange for an alternate pick-up for our son. My wife was out of town, so she couldn't step in (but she did contact her brother to pick up our son from the bus, and I was able to reach the school to tell him to take the bus instead of waiting for me).

The next day I was told that the transmission was blocked for some unexplained reason and will be completely replaced. The car will probably be ready on Tuesday.

I must say that VW Service performed as well as I could expect. Within 30 minutes I was being towed to the nearest VW dealer, and 1 hour later I was on my way home with a free loaner car.

We've leased all our cars from Volkswagen since starting our business, even for the franchisee herself, and we have a good relationship with our local VW dealer. We're sure this is a one-off problem, and even if not we'll be able to resolve it to our satisfaction. But I have to admit I'll be a bit hesitant the first time I bring the Sharan to full speed when we have it back.

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