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Green Card

GreencardMy wife had incredibly bad luck with her green card.

You may recall that she arrived in the US with a fiancée visa which, once the fiancée bit is consummated, so to speak, entitles one to permanent residence and a green card. The physical card was the problem. The INS managed to misspell her name on the card three times before finally getting it right, several months later.

Easy come, easy go. A couple of weeks after we moved to Germany in 1990, we took a day trip to Berlin to see what all the fuss was about. We got completely lost in the Friedrichstraße S-Bahn station (where the passport control for Westerners used to be, the maze of hallways were still there but absolutely no signs), and once we got out, her purse was stolen. Passport, ID, and green card, all gone.

We reported everything stolen, but we never had the green card replaced, since she was no longer a resident of the US, much less a permanent resident. We figured that was a detail we could take care of when we moved back the the States. As it turned out, that hasn’t happened yet. C’est la vie

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