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Quiet Week

It's going to be a quiet week for us next week, the week before Easter. Not that we don't have enough to do, we have plenty of that. But our son is going to be away the entire week. He's flying by himself, for the first time, to Minnesota to visit his grandparents.

We noticed during our visit last summer that he was doing very well communicating in English, and, of course, as for any child his grandparents are the greatest. So we decided that this spring would be the right time for the first big trip alone.

We're sure the airline will take good care of unaccompanied minors (especially for the price!), but to minimize the risk of mistakes we are driving him to Amsterdam so he can fly non-stop to Minnesota, and will drive there again in a week to pick him up. Annoyingly, the direct flight from Amsterdam costs more than it would have to fly one-stop (in Amsterdam) from Hamburg.

We're all three feeling mostly excited but a just little bit scared. It's good that we we planned this trip for him alone, since the way our business looks we won't be able to get away for a family trip this year.

Our son will return home on Easter Saturday, so he can be at our local Easter fire with his Youth Fire Dept. comrades. He does, after all, have to keep his obligations.

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