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Road Construction

Normally our village is pretty quiet. We only have 4 streets, none of which are paved, a couple dozen houses, and no shops at all (no bakery, no post office, no grocer, no gas station) other than a bio farmer who sells asparagus in the spring and Christmas trees in December. This is the usual layout...

Gmap luellau

However, for the past six weeks the county roads going through our village have been under construction, and it looks more like this:

Gmap luellau baustelle

The dark red is completely closed. They're building a rain drainage pond to the right and big drainage pipes under the road.

The intersection of the county roads is being turned into a traffic circle. One lane is available through the crossing regulation, only one direction can drive through at a time, regulated by traffic lights (dots).

Meanwhile a bicycle path is being built on the county road starting in our village and heading off several km to the north. For us that means the sidewalk is being widened and the street narrowed.

The end effect is that the traffic that normally turns south at the crossing redirects itself onto our cobblestone streets. It's not a marked detour, but people take it anyway, ignoring the no-trucks sign and the 30 kmh speed limit. (The road marked Sand is just a tractor path and leads nowhere unless you're an asparagus picker.) We can hear traffic past our house starting at 6am, just after the early-morning birds stop chirping.

The construction should be done in early June, and until then we won't be needing our alarm clocks.

Update: The same day this was posted, the circle was opened to traffic in all directions. No more unofficial detours on our street! Hooray!

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