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T Minus 7 Days

The front door already looks pretty good.


The lobby needs a little work, though.


And this is going to be our McCafé?


I'll spare you the pictures from the kitchen. To us it looks like total chaos. But the construction experts tell us everything looks good for a week before opening. We're crossing our fingers until Monday, when we officially take over the site.

Let's take a look outside. We have a nice Playland for the kids to crawl through. Just yesterday it was still packed on pallets on a truck.


And it's always good to have asphalt in the Drive-Thru lane before the cars come.


But it seems the general contractor has some understanding for our logo. That's a very good sign!


But I almost forgot... the best thing is, our electric drive Smart has arrived. It will look better once we paste a bunch of Golden Arches on it! But we'll show it off on Sunday at our local Stadtlauf (city run).


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