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The End of the Century

II debated whether to post anything for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I've pretty much written everything I have to say about it, either a day later in 2001, or 5 years ago, or even just 2 years ago.

I was an expat American in Hamburg in 2001, the city where the evil had spawned, and perhaps I was much closer to that evil than I really wanted to know. "Amerikaner, wir sind bei euch" (Americans, we stand by you) was the headline in the Hamburg paper the next day, and that was certainly comforting at the time. The only lasting consequence of that solidarity seems to be the military quagmire in Afghanistan.


As for these candles at the US Consulate in Hamburg, I don't think you can even get that close to consulate anymore. The street is closed, last time I was there we had to go past guards in tanks with machine guns to get in. Maybe that's all I need to say about how the world is different today.

All in all I'd just rather forget that day.

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