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Four Days of Christmas

We've been busy this month, as usual. When you have to the stress of owning a business, then the holiday stress that comes in December is almost relaxing by comparison.

But now the the holidays are almost here, we have 4 days to celebrate!

Christmas Eve we'll to try avoid any last minute grocery shopping. We've have a simple dinner of Ragout Fin, then take Oma to the afternoon service at St. Michaelis in Hamburg, then return home for cookies, presents, and Glühwein.

Christmas Day is relatively quiet. No guests, just some fondue in the evening.

2nd Christmas Day we're cooking goose for all the in-laws! Big Petersen Christmas party at our house. Presents and music galore (back in October the kids recorded a couple of songs for Oma which my brother-in-law has professionally mixed).

3rd Christmas Day is Christopher's birthday. We're taking him out on the town for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, a last walk through the Hamburg Christmas market, and dinner at the roller-coaster restaurant Schwerelos & Zeitlos (Weightless and Timeless), where your meal rides on rails to your table. We'll see how that works.

Then it will be the 28th already, nearly time to get ready for New Year's Eve. Happy Holidays, no matter how many days you celebrate!

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