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Brawl on the Highway

We always thought life in our sleepy little village was pretty quiet, but think again! Freely translated from the Nordheide Wochenblatt (30 June 2012):

Brawl on the Highway: a driver goes bezerk over failure to yield

When reason fails, some people rather trust their fists. That was the case last Thursday afternoon. The result: an injury and a whole list of charges. A driver from Buchholz (51) nearly cut off another driver (59) while pulling out of a driveway in Jesteburg. Both cars continued towards Lüllau when the older driver motioned for the first driver to stop. Both drivers get out of their cars, and the 59-yr-old driver swung a punch at the 51-yr-old. He was able to block the punch and threw one of his own, losing his cell phone in the process. The female companion of the 59-yr-old then picked up the cell phone and threw it onto a nearby field. Despite an intensive search, the cell phone was not found. A judge is scheduled to tell the two drivers what he thinks of their antics.

(Our son's reaction: Which highway was that? I want to find that phone!)

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