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Mysterious Invitation

EinladungYes, we knew that July 1 was the 5th anniversary of our business, but we didn't pay any attention to it until we received a mysterious invitation in the (e)mail, to a "Candle Light Dinner" at our restaurant in Dibbersen.

We arrived to find a maître d' at the door, a table set in a quiet corner with candles, flowers and tablecloth, a printed menu, and a hostess ready to take our order.


We chose to split the special of the day, the Steakhouse Classic in the current promotion as a McMenu with 2 side salads, a side order of Chicken Sticks, and a vintage 2012 Cola Light (Cola Zero for me) to drink. We passed on desert, deciding instead on an Espresso Macchiato to round off the meal.

All in all it was a very nice gesture and great fun, and many thanks to our crew for the idea and the invitation. However, it got us thinking: maybe other guests would enjoy an exclusive, fun and special candlelight dinner at our McDonald's? Maybe it's something we could offer…


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