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I am not an Expat Blogger 1: The Language

I've always thought of myself as an "expat blogger in Germany", but lately I'm not so sure. Reading blog posts from my fellow expats usually results in shrugs or a WTF. Maybe I'm becoming out of touch, or I'm not a very typical expat… (the first of a series):

I don't speak English. In real life, outside the internet, I speak almost no English at all. We speak German at home (my wife and I made a deal to always speak the language of the country we're in to one another… we'd be in big trouble if we ever moved to France!). My job (business) is all German. Other than the proprietor of our local Baja California restaurant, I know no native English speakers (and she's actually a US-born German).

Back in the '90s I worked for an English-language publisher, where we had a mostly-English-speaking office (Brits slightly outnumbering Americans). These days, though, about the only English I speak is when I phone home to my family, or I'm helping my son with his English homework from school.

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