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Fire Camp

We interrupt the "I'm not an expat" series (AKA "expats don't understand me and noone else does either") for an important dispatch from the home front. Our village of Lüllau (population 500) is usually pretty quiet, but today the population expanded 4 times and the noise level as well. Our local volunteer fire department is playing host to the Kreisjugendfeuerwehrzeltlager (literally "county youth fire dept tent camp") with 1500 participants on a field just outside our quiet village.

Zeltlager vorher

This empty field (where we celebrate the village Easter fire every year) is now covered with tents, a field kitchen, toilets and showers and everything to keep 1500 youth and adult volunteer fire fighters happy for eight days.





And of course our son is roughing it just a couple hundred meters away from home!


All in all, the camp might be a little loud, but our village of Lüllau will have the best fire protection in the whole county for the next week!

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