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I am not an Expat Blogger 4: Vacation

I don't get 5 weeks vacation. Or 6. Or 4. In Germany there's a Bundesurlaubsgesetz that regulates vacation time for employees. The legal minimum is 4 weeks per year, although most industries have contracts that call for more. Our employees get 5 to 6 weeks vacation, depending on longevity, as set in our Manteltarifvertrag.

But as a business owner you're on your own. And our business tends to be busiest when other people are enjoying themselves (weekends, school vacations and holidays). We tend to take a couple days off time and again rather than a bunch of days in one piece. The work is always waiting for us when we get back.

Next week, though, we are heading to Minnesota for a couple of weeks. The cell phones are staying home.

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