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We've just returned from 2 weeks' vacation. I've heard that one can earn fame, fortune and lots of SEO love by writing travel blog posts, so I'll try my hand at it.

We visited my parents' lake cabin in Minnesota. They bought the cabin when I was a kid, and my wife and I have been going there for 30 years, so we didn't really see anything new.

Insider tip for air travel: if you a German traveling to the US, make sure your ESTA is up to date. Otherwise you might have the joy of flying standby without your family the next day! Trust us, we know!

Since we stayed with my parents, we got a really good deal on lodging. You have to really be an insider to get that rate, though. No way to get it online.

We saved money by not renting a car, but having my parents take us from and to the airport. I doubt that they would do that for anybody else. We did spring for some gas.

As for the local cuisine, you have to catch it yourself from the lake. Or buy it yourself from the meat market. Either way, no one cooks it for you. That's what the gas grill is for.

As for local people and customs, we did have a mini family reunion the first Sunday we were they. Since I've known my relatives all my life, I didn't really get any new insights on local life (although a couple of them did rag on me for not blogging often enough).

I hear that including a picture can increase the influence of travel blog posts. Here it is. My wife has several dozen more just like it.

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