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Touch 'Em All

I was somewhat stunned to read that today is the 25th anniversary of the Minnesota Twins winning the 1987 World Series. Given that I am now 50, that is half my life ago. And while a sports event certainly didn't play a direct role in our lives, it marked a milestone. 1987 was an important year for us that eventually brought us to Germany.

For one thing, we actually saw a lot a Twins games that year. We lived in south Minneapolis, we could easily bike to the Metrodome, and the bleacher seats in center field cost just $3. And they were the best seats in the house, since we were right behind the center fielder Kirby Puckett, and could see him make his spectacular catches. We watched at least a dozen games live, maybe even 20, but did not attend any playoff or World Series games.

For me, that fall of 1987 was the beginning of my PhD program at the University of Minnesota. But I was beginning to have my doubts as to whether I was cut out for an academic career, and the choices involved to get academic funding. As an Agricultural Economist, let's just say the locations for research are not among the metropolises of the world (Davis, Iowa City, Norman, College Station, etc.). So it was really the beginning of the end, and 6 months later I dropped out.

As for my wife, in the fall of 1987 her first boss was in the process of selling his McDonald's franchise in Minneapolis to move to Arizona. Her superior and many of her colleagues would move to Arizona too, and after a year of sticking it out with the new franchisee, we ended up moving to Arizona as well. We weren't able to find a place with her old boss in Arizona, but made the connections that brought us to Germany in 1990.

So October 1987 was a turning point in our lives, and it just happened that the Twins won the World Series that month. Was it really 25 years ago?

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