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Grinding it out

Since my last fitness post I've been progressing at making progress.

With a 5K run at the local Stadtlauf in June as a goal, I started running every other day following the run/walk program in The Beginning Runner's Handbook. That program is actually for a 10K, so the 5K at the Stadtlauf should be a piece of cake (although it's on asphalt and might be hot), right? The program calls for 3 runs a week, however I'm cheating a bit by sticking to every other day. As a result I'm already on Week 9.

I actually did the 5K at the Stadtlauf in 2010, but I didn't train sufficiently or correctly and nearly died was very sore the following week. My run yesterday was 55 minutes (with 3 1-minute walking breaks) and nearly 7K and I felt fine (slow pace with pulse in the 130s the entire time). The Stadtlauf should go just fine. And the 10K training won't go to waste, I'm intending to keep it up for the Volkslauf in Jesteburg in September (through woods in fall weather).

On the days I don't run I've been working out at the fitness center, so except for one day last week when I hurt my foot I've been doing fitness everyday for 8 weeks, since the week before Easter. And I have the results to show for it. I've lost a further 3 kg in the meantime, my weight is at 90.x (sounds like a radio station frequency), and my body fat is down too. My goals are 89.x by the end of June and 84.x by the end of September.

This was also a test of for posting to WordPress. (Note: to separate paragraphs you seem to need blank line directly after each one.) I promise my next post will be about something more interesting than my improving fitness.

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