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New Car


Three years have gone by, the lease has expired on our Volkswagen Sharan mini-van, and it's time for something new. The Sharan was way too big for us. We thought we could use the extra space for our business, but in the 3 years we transported 8 passengers exactly one time. In that same time had to replace bumpers 3 times (twice my fault, once my wife's) because the Sharan so damn wide you're scraping something before you know it. In that sense, good riddance.

We're on good terms with our local Volkswagen dealer, and we decided to downsize to the newest member of the VW line, the Golf Variant, a station wagon. It was released in September, we ordered right away, and took delivery at the end of January (that is, today).

Now, my wife gets a lot more excited about cars than I. She'll study the web sites and the specs to find exactly what she wants. For me, a car is simply a vehicle to take me from A to B. She's excited about the new car and what it can do. I'm just happy that it's smaller and we're less likely to tear off a bumper.

And I hope that choice is right because the lease is for another three years.

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