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Where Were You?

Where was I 25 years ago as the Berlin Wall fell? I must confess, I don't remember exactly. If I had known the news would radically change our lives, I might have paid more attention.

We didn't realize it at the time, but our lives in November 1989 were "in between". In between jobs, in between continents, in between everything. We had just moved to Arizona, following her old boss who didn't have a job for her yet. I was working temp jobs hoping to find something permanent (one of them eventually did). We thought Arizona would become our home. We were in love with the desert, the sun, the lifestyle, everything.

We had, however, picked a horrible time to move to Arizona. The savings and loan crisis had broken out, and the economy was already stagnant. And in the weeks and months that followed, the soon-to-be-reunified Germany became more attractive to us. We thought we could work there for a couple years and come back when the job climate in Arizona was better.

But where was I when I heard the news? Today I have no idea. In my car listening to NPR? At home watching CNN? With my wife when she got a call from her Hungarian friend Gabi? I just know that less than 10 months later, we were here.

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