PapaScott Savin' it up for Friday night 🥁


So maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but this blog looks a little bit different than a week ago. Behind the scenes it looks a lot different. After over a decade of blogging on WordPress (I actually started using its predecessor B2 in 2002), I'm now on the static site generator jekyll. My posts have been exported to text files. No more mysql database, no PHP, no more web interface.

So everything is new and things are still broken. I don't have all posts imported yet, I'm only back to 2012 and not 1999 when this thing started. There are a lot a worthless one-line posts from the olden days, since back then we didn't have Twitter and Facebook yet for worthless posts. So I have some work to do. But I'm looking forward to it.

The design, however, is absolutely fabulous, even on mobile, and for that I can take absolutely no credit. It's the lanyon theme for jekyll by @mdo, who co-wrote (Twitter) Bootstrap, and I thank him for making his work available to us mere mortals.