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Fruit Fly Trap

We left some cut flowers in the house too long. The flowers wilted and the kitchen is now full of fruit flies. I made a fruit fly trap with a glass of apple vinegar (with a few drops of dish soap) covered with plastic wrap with some pin holes.

Glass of apple vinegar covered with plastic wrap with pin holes

The fruit flies smell the vinegar and struggle through the pin holes to get to it. Once they're in, they forget how they got there and crawl around aimlessly inside the glass until they fall in the vinegar and drown.

There's a lesson there for humans, I'm sure.

thank u, next

I’m to the age where it’s best to take a Marie Kondo approach to turning older: pick up the previous year, thank it for its service, then move on to the next.

New Engine

We may not have a lot of new content here, but now has a new engine under the hood, namely GatsbyJS for all newer content. We apologize for messing with our RSS feed (if in fact it is messed up, we'll know for sure when this is published).