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Million Euro Overdraft

This happened over 9 years ago, I think it's safe to tell the story now.

When my wife bought our first restaurant, she set up a corporation (GmbH) for the new business. However, our lawyer was lazy, or slow, or something, and for our start of business the registration of the GmbH had not yet been approved by the local court. No registration, no firm, no business loan could be paid out. With a 7-figure purchase price due that day.

No problem, says the bank, we'll book the purchase from your private account, even though our account balance was more like 3 figures and not 7. We'll increase your overdraft limit until the GmbH gets registered. No problem.

So to this day I have a screenshot of electronic banking with an balance that day of minus one million Euros.

We thought that was pretty funny until we tried to buy groceries and our bank card got denied. We had to call the bank again to increase our limit a bit more so we could eat.