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The Stupid Majority

This election is a good reminder of the basic principles of democracy: stupid people vote. Not only that, any democracy is ruled by a stupid majority.

Think about it. If you believe that you are of above-average intelligence, and who of us doesn't, then by definition there is a majority of voters more stupid than you. And since stupid people generally don't recognize their own stupidity, almost every one of us is faced with a stupid majority.

However, if you are stupid, and you know it, you can rest assured that there is a smart majority out there to make the decisions for you.

But the average person, of average intelligence, the average person has a great responsibility. They have the deciding vote. They decide whether the majority is smart or stupid. Our fate rests in their hands. May they choose wisely!

But they can't. They are only of average intelligence.

So we are doomed to be ruled by a stupid majority. But that is not altogether a bad thing. All the political systems where only smart people make decisions have failed very badly. It is the stupid people who save us from ourselves.

(And I bet you thought a post with this title would be about Trump supporters. Or Clinton supporters. Fooled you!)