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The Future Is Now

We were closed 11 days for construction, but now our restaurant in Dibbersen has been opened for 3 days as a “Restaurant of the Future” and so far we are very happy with it!

The first thing you notice as a guest is the brighter, more spacious lobby, as well as the self-service terminals, or kiosks. There you can enter your order and pay by either card or cash. Of course you can still go to the cashier and verbally give your order just as before.

The second thing you notice is that the cashier does not then go to assemble your order. There is a separate station for that, and you can either go there to pick up your order, or you can choose table service. You pick up a chip, find a table, and thanks to the magic of bluetooth we can find your table and bring your order to you.

The third thing you notice is that all burgers are made fresh to order. This “Made For You” system has been running for years in the US, but is new in Germany. The heated bin1 where products could be kept for 10 minutes is now history. Our products are now made one at time instead of an entire tray at a time.

We were wondering how quickly we could adjust to the new system, but the first 3 days went very well. The kitchen is more organized and less hectic, and even it gets full we can recover quite quickly. In service our people enjoy that they now have time and opportunity to talk to our guests, and with our new look and new system they have plenty to talk about.

And even I learned enough about the new system that I can help out in the kitchen without messing everything up. :-)

  1. Funny how in US English a bin is where you put things to keep, but in UK English a bin is where you put things to throw away.

If Clinton Wins

A couple of days ago Dave Winer wrote a piece about Trump winning. So what if Clinton wins?

It will be like the status quo only worse.

The large group of Trump who feel estranged from the system will still feel estranged. This estrangement is certainly not exclusively American, see Brexit, the Front National, or the Alternativ für Deutschland. This group will remain and I doubt that Clinton is the type of leader that can win them back.

The Republican party will remain dysfunctional, maybe even to the point that no Supreme Court justices will be confirmed at all. Look forward to more standstill and government shutdowns. The “Lock Her Up” faction will not become silent, they’ll probably become louder.

Abroad, relations with Russia will continue to worsen and the conflicts of the world will continue, with new ones arising.

All in all, though, we’ll be pretty happy with it, because it could have been much worse!


On this All Saints’ Day we are happy and proud to announce that we are expecting!

Wait, no, that’s not right… damn you auto-correct, we’re too old for that. No, we are happy and proud to announce that we are expanding, in Hamburg-Harburg!

On December 1st we will be purchasing the existing McDonald’s restaurants in Phoenix Center and Harburg Arcaden. They are so-called satellites, located in shopping centers with a limited menu and low volume (about 1/3 the sales of a free-standing restaurant).

We already own the Marktkauf Center satellite in Harburg, and all three stores are just a couple hundred meters apart. Our store manager there will now have her hands full with triplets!

And as we are right now converting our restaurant in Dibbersen to Restaurant of the Future (re-opening on Friday!) with Winsener Straße to follow in February, Frauke and I have our hands full too! :-)


It took 10 years to build and is 10 times over budget, but the Hamburg’s new concert hall Elbphilharmonie in the HafenCity is complete. The first concert is in January, but the builders handed it over to the city today.

During the day it looks more like this.

The Stupid Majority

This election is a good reminder of the basic principles of democracy: stupid people vote. Not only that, any democracy is ruled by a stupid majority.

Think about it. If you believe that you are of above-average intelligence, and who of us doesn’t, then by definition there is a majority of voters more stupid than you. And since stupid people generally don’t recognize their own stupidity, almost every one of us is faced with a stupid majority.

However, if you are stupid, and you know it, you can rest assured that there is a smart majority out there to make the decisions for you.

But the average person, of average intelligence, the average person has a great responsibility. They have the deciding vote. They decide whether the majority is smart or stupid. Our fate rests in their hands. May they choose wisely!

But they can’t. They are only of average intelligence.

So we are doomed to be ruled by a stupid majority. But that is not altogether a bad thing. All the political systems where only smart people make decisions have failed very badly. It is the stupid people who save us from ourselves.

(And I bet you thought a post with this title would be about Trump supporters. Or Clinton supporters. Fooled you!)