PapaScott Savin' it up for Friday night 🥁


On this All Saints' Day we are happy and proud to announce that we are expecting!

Wait, no, that's not right... damn you auto-correct, we're too old for that. No, we are happy and proud to announce that we are expanding, in Hamburg-Harburg!

On December 1st we will be purchasing the existing McDonald's restaurants in Phoenix Center and Harburg Arcaden. They are so-called satellites, located in shopping centers with a limited menu and low volume (about 1/3 the sales of a free-standing restaurant).

We already own the Marktkauf Center satellite in Harburg, and all three stores are just a couple hundred meters apart. Our store manager there will now have her hands full with triplets!

And as we are right now converting our restaurant in Dibbersen to Restaurant of the Future (re-opening on Friday!) with Winsener Straße to follow in February, Frauke and I have our hands full too! :-)