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If Clinton Wins

A couple of days ago Dave Winer wrote a piece about Trump winning. So what if Clinton wins?

It will be like the status quo only worse.

The large group of Trump who feel estranged from the system will still feel estranged. This estrangement is certainly not exclusively American, see Brexit, the Front National, or the Alternativ für Deutschland. This group will remain and I doubt that Clinton is the type of leader that can win them back.

The Republican party will remain dysfunctional, maybe even to the point that no Supreme Court justices will be confirmed at all. Look forward to more standstill and government shutdowns. The "Lock Her Up" faction will not become silent, they'll probably become louder.

Abroad, relations with Russia will continue to worsen and the conflicts of the world will continue, with new ones arising.

All in all, though, we'll be pretty happy with it, because it could have been much worse!