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The Future Is Now

We were closed 11 days for construction, but now our restaurant in Dibbersen has been opened for 3 days as a "Restaurant of the Future" and so far we are very happy with it!

{:width="300" class="alignright"} The first thing you notice as a guest is the brighter, more spacious lobby, as well as the self-service terminals, or kiosks. There you can enter your order and pay by either card or cash. Of course you can still go to the cashier and verbally give your order just as before.

The second thing you notice is that the cashier does not then go to assemble your order. There is a separate station for that, and you can either go there to pick up your order, or you can choose table service. You pick up a chip, find a table, and thanks to the magic of bluetooth we can find your table and bring your order to you.

The third thing you notice is that all burgers are made fresh to order. This "Made For You" system has been running for years in the US, but is new in Germany. The heated bin1 where products could be kept for 10 minutes is now history. Our products are now made one at time instead of an entire tray at a time.

We were wondering how quickly we could adjust to the new system, but the first 3 days went very well. The kitchen is more organized and less hectic, and even it gets full we can recover quite quickly. In service our people enjoy that they now have time and opportunity to talk to our guests, and with our new look and new system they have plenty to talk about.

And even I learned enough about the new system that I can help out in the kitchen without messing everything up. :-)

  1. Funny how in US English a bin is where you put things to keep, but in UK English a bin is where you put things to throw away.